165: Comic Book Men: Mike Zapcic and Ming Chen
164: Training Makes Perfect
163: Mother Boxes, Flying Foxes, and Flashpoint Paradoxes
162: "Maybe Martians Could Do Better Than We've Done"
161: Halo? Is it Chief You're Looking For?
160: A Long Way From the Walkman
159: Front Salad
158: Bitpocalypse Now
157: Bitflicks: White Men Can't Jump
156: 2019 Bitfaced Game Awards
155: "My Chili Recipe Dies With Me"
154: Curves!
153: Robert Englund
151: George Lowe on Bitfaced Coast to Coast
150: CSCC - Power Ranger Anthony and Mike the Quad
149: DPCC: Into the Spider-Verse
148: Mike the Quad
147: Where You Been?
145: A Very Spoiler Filled Endgame Episode
144: Kapow Comic Creators Panel
143: "Through Early Morning Fog I See"
142: Bitfaced 2018 Top Pop
141: 2018 Bitfaced Game Awards
140: Rad Dad Redemption
139: The Halloween Episode
138: Carl Weathers
137: Team Bestie: Trish Stratus and Lita from the WWE
136: Revenge of the Nerds
135: Brian O'Halloran and Shannon Elizabeth
134: Denver Comic Con 2018
133: Diesel and Doomsday- The Return of Daniel Crosier
132: E3 2018- Where in the World is Sam Fisher?
131: "In America, We Call Them Bananas"
130: Bitfinity Wars
129: Faced In, Geek Out
128: Ed Greenwood
127: Sailing The Sea of Thieves
126: Release the Cyber Kraken!
125: Twin Fallacies
124: The D-Rail and the Blanket of Glory
123: Live in the Game
122: Our Favorite Pop Culture of 2017
121: Our Favorite Video Games of 2017
120: The Weird Al Episode
119: The Christmas Episode Two Days After Christmas
118: Michael T. Scott
117: Getting Brittfaced: The Handsome Knockers Episode
116: Justice, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie
115: The Air Quicken Tension Building Inference Suddenly
114: Wen Dayglo and the Gift of Fruitcake
113: Dale Gribble
112: Polybius and The Phantom Pooper
111: The Golden Age of KaPow
110: Raspberry on the Radio
109: Pez, Cherry Flavored Pez, There’s No Doubt About It
108: Pros for Cons
107: Porn You Can Watch With Your Kids, Finally!
106: San Diego Comic Con: Competing For The Same Prime Time Slot As Conan
105: Crashing Camp Crosier
104: Denver Comic Con
103: Tonya L. De Marco
102: All It Takes Is One Song. . .
101: It’s Overdue, But Now the Time is Right, Yeah
100: Rebecca’s Bachelorette Party
99: The Essentials Case of Holding
98: The Phantom Thieves of Hearts
97: Chu! Bam! Pow!
96 - Come In Your Pajamas Day
95: Delvr Music
94: Every Great Story Seems To Begin With A Snake
93: You Can Take The Bacon Out Of St. Louis. . .
92: O Mia! O Life!
91: We’ll Fight For Freedom Squadron, Wherever There’s Trouble. . .
90: Rebecca Gets A Dick Pic
89: We Be Clubbin’
88: The Fellowship of the Springs
87: Carrie Keagan
86: Ghengis Con - Of Dice and Men
85: Cosplaya Why You Hatin’?
82.5: Roll Models Part 2: Beaumont’s Revenge
84: Haloed and Trembling Clean
83: Facebook Appropriate Episode Title
82: Roll Models - Bitfaced plays Dungeons and Dragons
81: Nintendo Switch: The Fanticipation Episode
80: White People Medium: Our Favorite Games of 2016
79: Indie Game Con - Part Two
78: A Very Bitfaced Christmas
77: Indie Game Con - Part One
76: Mia St. Clarity
75: Down With The Fisting
74: Danger! The Brown Hornet Rises
73: Charity, Chastity, Prudence, and Hope
72: There’s a Stan Yan in the Bitfaced
71: Sid Suicide is Painless
70: The Bitkings
69: KaPow! Comics and Coffee Grand Opening Part 2
68: KaPow! Comics and Coffee Grand Opening Part 1
67: The Anti-Record Button
66: Onomatopoeia Comicopia
65: Getting Shitty on the Edge of Forever
64: The Nintendo 64 Episode Featuring Nerd Cubed
63: Do You Even Have a Computer? Or, the Politics Episode
62: Electromagnetic Delay Line Intervention
61: Pokemon A Go Go
60: Our Forty Favorite Games from Generation 7
59: Bitcrate Meets Bitfaced or We Never Have Any Wine Coolers
58: Wrong Way on a One Way Track
57: Losers Always Whine About Their Best
56: Welcome to the Sauna
55: A Little Too New Wave For My Tastes
54: Saving Private Tyler - Fireside Edition
53: Southern Fried Gameroom Expo
52: Gauntlet Accepted With a Side of Overwatch
Bitfaced Civil War Part 2 - A Glass Full of Shame
Bitfaced Civil War Part 1 - A Lot of Whores Sighing
49: You’re Actually Whiter Than Your Girlfriend
48: Are You There God? It’s Me, Drunk Tyler
47: Awkward Cosplay Boners
46: The Search for Zod’s Dick
45: Bit Club Massacre
44: Park Bike Jousting and 64 Quests Gone Awry
43: Satellite Intel Core 3 Inside Windows 7 Energy Star
42: Every Which Way but Focused
41: An Evening with Geeks Gone Rogue
40: Back Up in your Ass with the Resurrection
39: Space Castles and Robots
38: Our Disparaged Pasts
37: This Is Not the Episode You’re Looking For
36: Full Metal Balls Make it the Deepest
35: A Close Friend Reveals A Hidden Talent
34: The Curviest of Decks
33: Blood Drenched Motorboatin
32: More Preservatives Than Butter
31: Your Dick and Cheese Fries
30: A New Parade of Faith and Sparks
29: Certain Situations Old You Faster
28: Bunny Blue and the Real Tracy Lasorda
27: Janice Rand Built My Hotrod
26: That’s Jim on that Toilet!
25: Red Head Redemption
24: That’s a Nice Sweater Vest!
23: From SoHo Down To Brighton, He Must Have Played Them All
22: They’ve Shown This On Both Screens
21: The Key is Stealth
20: Like a Japanese Cowboy
19: Reach Out to the Truth
18: The Northern Colorado Ghostbusters
17: In Defense of Destiny
16: The Macs of Life part 2
15: The Macs of Life
14: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
13: The pros from Dover
12: Tunnel Snakes Rule
11: Blurry Around the Edges
10: Nothing But Net
9: Kill the Bitfaced
8: Raunched at the Helm
7: FINISH HIM! Danny Pt. 2
6: Back down forward a b ahhh shit! Pt. 1
5: The Return of Sleepy Reaper
4: Crocodile Lundee
3: Sleepy Reaper in the Bitcave
2: The Real Episode 1: For Everything There is a First Time
1: Chief O’Brien